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The Challenge

In 2013, DenMat, the leading dental supply company in the United States, sought to re-brand and upgrade the look and feel of its existing TV Advertising creative. The primary objective was to maintain a high level of calls and web leads for their signature product, Lumineers, while better targeting high-income women in the 25-45 age group. The creative needed to accomplish both short-term, direct response results along with long-term, branding objectives. DenMat also needed to convey a higher quality look and feel for the Lumineers brand to improve overall brand quality perception in the marketplace.


Differentiating the
Brand from the Competition

Using the GreyTV creative methodology and research process, GreyTV collaborated with DenMat marketing executives and to develop a sound creative strategy based on key performance metrics that the company needed to accomplish. A unique blend of brand identity and direct response elements were used to give Lumineers a differentiated brand identity in the increasingly competitive dental cosmetics market.

Engaging the Viewer

In order to comply with strict FTC guidelines for dental products, GreyTV casted a real-life Lumineers customer found through a specialty casting process that searched not only for acting talent, but also for an individual that met specific dental case requirements. Shot in a true before/after split screen presentation, the opening to the commercial highlights GreyTV’s standards for exceptional production quality.


  • Successfully repositioned the Lumineers product line to a more affluent market
  • Improved brand quality perception among dental professionals
  • Navigated strict FTC guidelines and incorporated them into production design
  • Created a real-life before and after product presentation with a Lumineers patient

About GreyTV Advertising

GreyTV is a full-service Advertising Agency that serves mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. Our services include brand advertising, customer acquisition and direct-response advertising. For more information about this case study or to learn more about how GreyTV can help you reach your marketing goals.

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