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The Challenge

In order to promote its 2013 line of products, Maybelline, a division of the L’Oreal Group, set out to improve consumer education efforts and heighten brand equity. In order to capitalize on the growing number of women who use the Web to learn about and evaluate beauty products and techniques, GreyTV worked with Maybelline to produce digital content, driven by consumer demand, that would provide beauty-specific tutorials featuring relevant L’Oreal products.

Through this digital content, Maybelline hoped to drive sales at the point of intent by providing the specific and personally relevant beauty information women seek online. Ultimately, L’Oreal’s Maybelline line aimed to reaffirm its status as the leader in cosmetic innovation for women in over 60 countries through a global web content platform.


Creating Content the Consumer Demands

To meet L’Oreal’s needs, GreyTV created Mirror Me, a digital series tailored to answer women’s key beauty questions and position Maybelline as a thought leader in beauty innovation. Beauty experts and stylists were hand selected and paired with real-life models to demonstrate easy-to-follow tutorials that teach the consumer how to achieve specific looks and recreate celebrity styles using relevant L’Oreal products. Mirror Me showed how using the Maybelline line, while maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, can address a wide range of skin problems from wrinkles to cellulite. GreyTV’s strategy focused on a high-end, luxury feel that would uniquely identify Maybelline as a line of premium, expert-endorsed products while developing deeper brand-consumer relationships.

Finding the Right Audience

In order to strategically distribute Mirror Me on contextually relevant websites, GreyTV worked

with Demand Media to feature the series on typeF.com and eHow.com. The series was also

distributed on relevant L’Oreal sites and YouTube beauty channels.

More than 4.5 million unique visitors per month on eHow’s Style section

More than 2 million articles and videos on various topics including fashion, hair, makeup and skincare

L’Oreal USA secured beauty category exclusivity as a launch partner on typeF.com

Women engage with brands and spend more time on typeF.com compared to any other top 10 U.S. style site on the Web – almost 80-140% higher than the top three style sites (comScore)



Video pre-roll CTRs 8x the
industry average (Demand Media)


Significantly increased
brand-awareness online


Bolstered retail sales during the spring
and summer seasons

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