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The Challenge

Microsoft’s Xbox division was seeking to grow sales by entering the Health & Fitness sector, and diversify their revenue streams as the gaming console market continued to mature. By teaming with Nike + and incorporating the recently launched XBox Kinect, Microsoft needed a content strategy that would show audiences that Xbox Nike + Kinect was as good, if not better than a real life personal trainer. Although the new XBox connect technology had finally achieved a life-like training simulation, Microsoft knew they were in waters that had shipwrecked dozens of other fitness gaming launches in the past, including Wii Fit, Nintendo Power Pad.

With consumers skeptical because of past failures, Microsoft knew that they really had to show consumers that Xbox Nike + Kinect worked in real life, and provided results over time. To meet these needs, GreyTV was tasked with creating a digital content strategy that would drive awareness and sales to Nike + Kinect through placements on contextually relevant sites including livestrong.com, marketplace.xbox.com and ehow.com.


Creating Effective Content

GreyTV created an eight episode web series, featuring three real-life Xbox users as they progressively trained for their “moment” – an upcoming sporting event where their fitness would be put to the test. They used Xbox Kinect to train both in the workout studio and in their homes. In order to diversify their exercise plan and increase their overall fitness, the three trainees used other varied workouts in conjunction with the Nike + Kinect technology.

In every episode, the Xbox Nike + Kinect users are sweating and showing clear signs of physical exertion, as if guided by a real life trainer. Their virtual trainer is shown instructing posture improvements giving positive feedback when exercises are done in perfect form. The series punctuated progress by incorporating side-by-side graphics to show the live Xbox feed alongside the Nike + Kinect user during the workout with performance tracking so users can easily visualize their improvement. Showing the benefits of Xbox Nike + Kinect in a visual way, paired with relatable storylines generated a successful awareness campaign for both Nike and Xbox.

Finding the Right Audience

To ensure the most cost-effective and contextually relevant distribution of the series, GreyTV worked with Xbox Nike + Kinect’s media agency to identify livestrong.com and eHow.com as ideal sites for hosting the series. The video series was also featured on marketplace.xbox.com to increase conversion rates at Microsoft’s digital point of sale.



One of the most visited health and wellness destinations on the web with a viewership of 15 million users/month in the US alone (Demand Media, November 2013)

A steadily growing community of health-conscious consumers with a strong interest in health, fitness, lifestyle and wellness topics.


The launch of Xbox Kinect with Nike + Kinect Training is one of the most successful video game console launches of all time with over 8 million units sold within the first 60 days (A Guinness World Record). As of February 2013, over 24 million Xbox Kinect units had been sold, 750,000 on Black Friday alone. In packaging the Xbox Kinect console with the Nike + Kinect Training, Xbox transcends the limits of the typical gaming market by re-branding its new device as not only a form of entertainment, but as a highly-effective fitness tool. The inclusion of this fitness tool with Xbox consoles allowed Xbox to break records by making record unit sales to both gaming customers and health and fitness consumers. GreyTV’s digital content was considered a key ingredient in the success of this dual-market launch, by successfully conveying the novelty, innovation and effectiveness of Xbox with Nike + Kinect Training to the fitness industry, which has a market value of $26 billion annually.

  • Cultivated product awareness through Facebook and Twitter shares, direct shopping cart links and integration on high traffic websites - livestrong.com, eHow.com and marketplace.xbox.com

  • Increased retail and online sales helping XBOX Kinect sales reach 24 million

  • Assisted in reaching a new and virtually untapped corner of the gaming market: the health-conscious consumer

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